YPA specialise in hand-made Steampunk / Goth / arts, crafts and costume accessories for cosplay and display. We customise most items for you..

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About Yorkshire Phoenix Arts

Back in 2015 I took a day trip to the historic city of Lincoln to have a wander round. It just so happened to be the day of one of the biggest steampunk events in the world – the famous Lincoln Steampunk Asylum. I was hooked!! It took me a year to start dressing up and then another 6 months to start making steampunk items. I’ve loved every minute of it.

Production Methods

Each steampunk item is handmade or largely customised from a base product to give it a steampunk aesthetic. Some items take a day to make, others can take a week. Each item is unique in that no two made are exactly alike, each uses different colours, wires, attachments, accessories etc.

Custom Orders

Average Production Time for Custom Orders: 14 days

Custom Order Options: The type of customisation depends on the product. Please see individual product details.

International Orders

We offer international shipping to most countries around the world for a flat rate fee of £18 GBP. Please contact us directly for any special instructions.

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