Steampunk Bottle Jar 0161K0005

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This Steampunk Bottle Jar 0161K0005 has many great features, including cogs, gears, pressure gauge, etc. See below for details.

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Steampunk Bottle Jar Description:

A Steampunk Bottle Jar 0161K0005 with lots of features for cosplay, display or as a great steampunk gift. This steampunk large bottle jar features: cogs, gears, screws, pipes, cables, etc for storing all kinds of items. Picture shows possible use.


Metallic Blue, Copper, Bronze, Gold, Silver


Glass, Metal, Plastic, Rubber

Size (approx):

Height: 16cm

Diameter: 8.5cm

Steampunk Bottle Jar Features:

  • Victorian style cables and pipes
  • Victorian style cogs and gears
  • Gems
  • Victorian style filigree and scrolls
  • Victorian style Pressure Gauge
  • Air vent
  • Turbine fan

Steampunk Bottle Jar 0161K0005 Occasion:

  • Steampunk events and parties
  • Cosplay events and parties
  • Modelling portfolios and shoots


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Please note:

  • this is an steampunk fan art project and not an official product from any company.
  • Unless the item is already available in stock, this custom made item will take a week or more to prefer and ship.
  • Longer if the order is international
  • colours may vary slightly due to the calibration of your monitor
  • Each item is hand made so may vary slightly from item picture but will be at least 90% close to original listing if not exact. I will inform if there is going to be any major difference
  • Delivery is usually Royal Mail second class signed post.
  • Packing and delivery is usually within 5 days



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